Email Message Privacy

Complete control of your sensitive information.

Transform your existing email environment into a secure communications workplace, with point-to-point message encryption and tracking, large file sharing, and e-signature capability – and the compatibility to work seamlessly with other compliance and security services.

Email Message Privacy is an essential part of Secure Cloud

helping you solve the challenges associated with Security and Compliance.

Explore Secure Cloud

Explore Secure Cloud

Maintain Data Control 

Control who sees your messages and our patented message delivery slip will show you when the message is received, opened, and more – giving you complete visibility and control, even after the message is opened. 

All File Types Supported 

Don’t worry about limitations and share whatever files your business needs to share. 


Securely collect electronic signatures and approvals from your inbox. Verify the authenticity of signed documents as well as the identity of the endorser. 

SaaS Solution

No infrastructure investments and easy integration into your existing mailbox and other communications channels.

Break down yesterday's limitations.
Move forward with Zix.

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